BluJay acquires UK logistic software company Blackbay

UK-based transport and logistics software company Blackbay has been acquired by supply chain software firm BluJay where it will join the company’s Global Trade Network. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Blackbay’s platform specializes in mobile solutions and connects all aspects of logistics from the shipper to driver to customer, including the “last mile”, with real time data.

The acquisition will help BluJay grow its mobile offering and expand customer visibility into the supply chain, the company said in a statement. BluJay’s Global Trade Network consists of more than 40,000 partners internationally.

Blackbay and BluJay have previously partnered together with a customer in Asia. Now the Blackbay team in offices in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand will be integrated with BluJay.

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“Blackbay’s team members are highly motivated, customer-focused, and forward-thinking,” said Doug Braun, CEO of BluJay.

“BluJay brings market-leading Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Customs Management solutions to Blackbay’s customers, and provides the scale to take full advantage of Blackbay’s transformational mobility solutions,” said Blackbay CEO Nigel Doust.

“Blackbay’s mature and flexible Delivery Connect platform will provide our more than 7,500 customers with exciting new mobile workforce management, track and trace, and workflow capabilities,” added Doug Surrett, BluJay chief product strategist.

Prior to the acquisition, Blackbay raised more than $6 million in funding from investors.

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