Warehouse Tech Writers Awards 2017 winners announced

The votes are in, and the judges have made their decisions...which means we can announce the winners of this year's Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards

We don't go in for big, American Idol-style pauses before announcing our results, so without further ado, the winners and runners up for each category are as follows:

Best vendor blog

Best independent blog

Best writer

Best article

As a result of their awards success, Swisslog report that their blog traffic has increased.

“As a leading global provider of robot based & data-driven intralogistics solutions, we want to shape the logistics industry. We are therefore more than proud to be recognized in this way from the logistics community" said global marketing manager Martin Kuemin.

"Thanks to the 'Best Vendor Blog' Award, our number of blog readers has increased - we will definitely apply for the Warehouse Tech Writers Award 2018!” 

About the Warehouse Tech Writers Awards

There is a huge number of talented, knowledgeable and creative writers working in the warehouse and supply chain blogospheres, and we feel that this should be acknowledged more.

To do this, we have created the Warehouse Tech Writers Awards. Run annually, these will recognize the industry's top writing talent, with prizes available across the following four categories:

  • Best vendor blog
  • Best independent blog
  • Best writer
  • Best article

All of this year's winners were judged to have shown an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of warehouse technology and the role it plays in the 21st century distribution industry. They also have demonstrated a continued commitment to helping audiences understand what can be a complex and constantly evolving topic.

You can see the shortlist in its entirety at the bottom of this article. The standard of work submitted this year was absolutely first class - our judges thank all who nominated for making their job such an enjoyably difficult one.

How the winners were decided

Our scoring system is simple. We split the decision three ways between our two judges and a public vote. Each judge's choices constituted a third of the overall decision, with the final third coming from a public vote.

Judges awarded points to their top three shortlisted entries in each category, and more points were awarded for ranking in the public vote. The entries with the highest number of points in total were judged to be the winners.

About the judges

This year, the awards were judged by editor Kathryn Beeson and Explore WMS house writer Geoffrey Whiting.

Kathryn said “I come across dynamic and talented writers frequently over the course of my job, and have felt it was a shame that this talent often goes unrecognized. These awards, which focus on the creativity, knowledge and communication skills of supply chain and warehouse bloggers and journalists, aim to correct this.”

Geoffrey Whiting is an experienced journalist, writer, and business development consultant with a focus on enterprise technology, e-commerce, and supply chain development. 

He said “Supply chain and warehousing often get a bad rap for being ‘boring,’ but there is a lot of amazing talent out there who brings the industry to life.

"We think it’s about time these writers get recognized for telling a story that engages while also helping businesses optimize their time, workforce, and investments.”

2017 shortlist

Best vendor blog

Best independent blog

Best writer

Best article

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Kathryn Beeson

About the author…

Kathryn is the editor of explorewms.com. Whilst she spends a lot of her time coordinating and editing content from the Explore WMS writing team, she sometimes finds time to write articles herself. Outside of work she can usually be found running, bouldering or playing squash

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Kathryn Beeson

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