3 e-commerce startups that could revolutionize your business

Is your ecommerce business ready for a major shift? Want to tackle new markets, reduce software expenditures, integrate with more partners, or shift your distribution to a new channel or method?

If so, good news - we’ve found a few new ecommerce-focused startups that can help accomplish those goals. Here are four strong players in the space of boost e-commerce and making it more profitable for you and more enjoyable for your customers.

1. Tundra

Tundra is one of the newer ecommerce marketplaces that brings in goods from a wide range of stores and suppliers to a new world of buyers. For purchasers, it offers a fast, online checkout and downloadable quotes for specialty items.

For sellers, the service makes your whole process significantly easier. All your business needs to do, after signing an agreement with Tundra, is create a storefront on the site. When someone purchases goods for you, the Tundra system will calculate additional tax, duties, and freight.

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The part sellers seem to like most is that when an order is ready, Tundra will come to your warehouse or factory to pick up the order and then it will handle the delivery. You get an idea of fully landed costs and can

2. Orderhive

Orderhive is a multichannel inventory and order management platform with a focus on bringing together disparate parts into a unified backend. For you, that means an easier ability to track, manage, and understand your sales through fewer dashboards.

It features a variety of modules for CRM, accounting, shipping, market places, and payment integration, so you can use real-time data in your operations and share that real-time data with each of your existing software platforms.

It’s a simple platform that is easy to use and scale even as you add on carriers and a wide range of partner that it can integrate with.

provides a traditional and mobile web software package that brings orders and inventory across multiple channels into a single backend that makes it easier for businesses to understand their business.

The UI is simple and straightforward, which is a big boost to e-commerce brands that sell across multiple mainstream channels, from eBay and Amazon to Etsy and Shopify. The company says it takes just minutes to integrate with a new platform and currently offers more than 350 integration partners, including carriers and accounting software like QuickBooks.

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It’s a nice, clean startup to help reduce errors, track business, and optimize online channels.

3. Ecomdash

How do you fulfill your orders now? How do you want to do it in the future?

Your answers are probably covered by Ecomdash, with an easy channel and migration between those and other options. Ecommerce needs to adjust to what customers want, whether it is Amazon FBA, drop shipping or more traditional fulfillment.

Its strong multichannel inventory syncing and distribution with a robust API that supports a broad set of partners.

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