Here's your complete WMS modules and features checklist

Every WMS requirement is unique, but that doesn’t mean they’re all very different. Most tend to follow the same set of requirements and needs, addressing common problems and desires. The important thing for you to decide is where you’ll be a standard user and where you need additional support.

For example, if you’re running a specific type of robotics for picking, you need a WMS that can work with that platform and properly support the lines and methods it uses. Here’s a large checklist to get you started. Pick what works for you and add any requirements you may have as needed.


  • Receipt orders
  • Multiple types of receipt orders
  • Specialty receipt support
  • Allow/restrict partial case receipts
  • Reverse and voiding of receipts
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Dock scheduling
  • Cross-docking
  • Yard management
  • Directed put-away
  • Returns management
  • Vendor data tracking
  • Label verification
  • Label generation
  • Palletize LPNs on receipt

Inventory management

  • Replenishment
  • Cycle counting
  • Serial tracking
  • Lot tracking
  • Quality control
  • Task interleaving
  • Labor management
  • Periodic inventory snapshots
  • Data tracking across skids, LPNs, packages, and units
  • Misc. inventory labeling and tracking support
  • Material handling to pick lanes, combinations
  • Location-defined SKUs
  • Adjustable form fields such as lot #, owner, location

Get more in-depth feature ideas with our WMS requirements template

Order fulfillment

  • Purchase orders
  • Pick tickets
  • Work-in-process materials tracking
  • Inventory availability
  • Order entry
  • Rule-based allocation tracking and configuration
  • Rule-based restrictions
  • Allocation tracking and management on component level
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Parts requirements
  • Automated inventory updates
  • Order prep
  • Scan packing
  • Inspection and auditing in kits, batches, cartons
  • Consolidation by shipment or order
  • Pack and hold support
  • Shipping label generation
    • Skid
    • LPN
    • UCC
  • Package and content labels
  • Price stickers
  • Customized font, size, etc.
  • Distributed order management
  • Fulfillment tracking and audits
  • Customer ship-top information storage and tracking


    • Zone
    • Skip
    • LPN
    • Batch
  • Picking confirmation by type
  • Skid substitution support
  • Pack lists
  • Invoice creation and management
  • Sensor support and compliance (RFID especially)
  • Shipment notifications
  • Advanced picking options such as voice-enabled support
  • Captures asset tags during picking
  • On-demand replenishment to static, dynamic lanes
  • Two-stage replenishment support

Transportation management

  • Carrier selection tools and automation
  • Freight rating and calculators
  • Order consolidation support
  • Bid optimization
  • Route optimization
  • Freight payment
  • Carrier audit tools
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