Five innovative warehouse and inventory startups to watch

A growing supply chain means new tools and services are always around the corner, especially for protecting and delivering goods. We’ve looked at five of the most buzz-worthy startups in the warehouse, inventory, and fulfillment space to see what’s new and revolutionary.

And, it’ll come as no surprise that ecommerce is the main driver for these businesses.

1. Orderhive

Orderhive provides a traditional and mobile web software package that brings orders and inventory across multiple channels into a single backend that makes it easier for businesses to understand their business.

The UI is simple and straightforward, which is a big boost to ecommerce brands that sell across multiple mainstream channels, from eBay and Amazon to Etsy and Shopify. The company says it takes just minutes to integrate with a new platform and currently offers more than 350 integration partners, including carriers and accounting software like QuickBooks.

It’s a nice, clean startup to help reduce errors, track business, and optimize online channels.

2. erplain

Also in the cloud space is erplain, an inventory level and order management software package that targets smaller distribution businesses. The system is comprehensive with a different application for inventory management, reporting, bill of materials, demand forecasting, and order tools.


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A nice feature is that it works to automate a variety of workflows, including sales, so businesses can quickly jump from a sales order or an estimate right into order processing. Automation can eliminate mistakes and provide a clear, auditable path, which is can relieve a lot of common stress in the distribution space.

3. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment is a third-party fulfillment provider that specializes fragile, oversized, or heavy goods as well as those which might need some customization or assembly before they are shipped. It also can boost ecommerce brands through services that support returns and combine SKUs for kitting purposes.

Its fulfillment process is video-tracked to minimize loss or damage, while it also can show you new ways to set your goods apart. The company’s system and process includes a variety of customization options in packaging materials and

One big thing Red Stag has going for it is a vocal, satisfied customer base. Reviews around the web not only tout the fulfillment services but also the brand’s quality customer service.

4. Ecomdash

Multichannel inventory control platform Ecomdash is designed specifically to support ecommerce inventory control and multichannel fulfillment.

One standout area of support is the platform’s dropshipping automation tools. It allows ecommerce businesses that focus on dropshipping to bridge multiple product providers and warehouses, combining them in a single storefront and single order management platform.

Sellers who rely on dropshipping tend to have tight margins, and the platform may be able to reduce costs and potentially increase those beyond razor-thin.

5. Flexe

Flexe is a warehouse marketplace that grew in prominence earlier this year as it announced plan capabilities to give retailers nationwide next-day delivery options. The Flexe network connects roughly 550 different facilities with online businesses, making it easy to for an operation to create a network of distribution centers that can quickly reach customers.

Flexe’s big differentiator appears to be its focus on solutions for warehouse operators. Its aim to make warehouse businesses more efficient naturally translates into increased support for ecommerce companies, so it’s a smart pairing.

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