IAM Robotics awarded first patent for warehouse picking robots

Pittsburgh startup IAM Robotics has announced that it has been awarded a key patent for piece picking or putaway with mobile manipulation robots.

The patent, which will be issued as U.S Patent No. 9,785,811 on October 10th focuses on the Swift Solution Suite which powers IAM Robotics’ mobile picking robots and allows them to navigate warehouse floors and to find and pick the appropriate inventory.

The development will allow IAM Robotics to continue developing affordable solutions to both warehouses’ demands for low-cost automation and the growing shortage of materials handling workers in the US, according to IAM Robotics founder and CEO, Tom Galluzzo.

He said “This problem will continue to grow, so our robots have arrived just in time. We also continue to add to our IP portfolio with technologies for the near future that allow warehouses to focus not only on throughput, but to grow their business by focusing on higher-value services like last mile delivery and offering a wider variety of items.

“The ultimate benefits will pass through to the consumer and our early customers will be rewarded for that.”

The patent expands IAM Robotics’ current portfolio for unique mobile robotic picking and transportation designs.

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