Iptor launches latest redesigned version of DC1 ERP software

Supply chain and logistics software developer Iptor Supply Chain Systems has released the latest version of its DC1 ERP software

The software, Iptor DC1 Version 10, was revealed at the Connect Americans event in Nashville and has been launched globally.

The company claimed the solution has 100% up-time, through its open API framework, Iptor aperīo, allowing users to connect with other mobile apps.

Meanwhile the user interface has been redesigned with predictive search and voice recognition. The updated version of the software also integrates with adds-ons like Iptor Exchange.


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Iptor DC1 Version 10 has a number of users thus far. The open API framework has provided greater efficiency, said Doug Heikkila, of MWI Animal Health, an animal health products supplier that has been using the software to manage its supply operations.

“By allowing us to open-up the functionality of Iptor DC1 it is set to become a critical connectivity enabler for our customer portal development, which is critical to providing high quality customer service and further improving the efficiency of our business,” he said.

Last year, Iptor announced that it was moving to a cloud-first strategy for its software and the customers that use it.

“We also set a new focus on our flagship DC1 product to help businesses manage the 10% of orders that drive added value in distribution,” said Jayne Archbold, CEO of Iptor.

“The launch of Version 10 does just that and will enable our customers to thrive in an ever-changing, increasingly complex and highly competitive world.”

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