Optricity launches new warehouse software and plans for self-healing warehouse

Warehouse management software company Optricity has launched new solutions for managing warehouse operations, including process simulators, through its Warehouse Technology Platform and @Ease Warehousing Technologies services.

The company has also provided an update on its Self Healing Warehouse product development.

On its Warehouse Technology Platform, Optricity will be releasing a new warehouse simulation solver called SimEze for running and comparing different potential scenarios on site.

The @Ease suite of technologies includes four features, the Replixer, Consolidexer, Prodexer, and Foreplexer, for analysing warehouse operations and carrying out periodic maintenance reviews.

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It pairs with the company’s OptiSlot DC software for devising optimum slotting and pallet building inside the warehouse.

The company also announced that is continuing product development on the Self Healing Warehouse Moves Conductor, or Conductor.

This is a suite of software that automates, or “self-heals” functions like optimizing slotting and identifying where productivity is lagging by connecting with the current warehouse management system in real time.

“Our product development, engineering and customer support teams have been hard at work pinpointing every detail imaginable to ensure the solutions offered, and soon to be offered, live up to the expectations of our clients, the market and our internal standards,” said Charles Grissom, CTO of Optricity.

The self-healing warehouse product, which was awarded US patents, is “soon to be released”, according to Optricity.

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