Swisslog releases latest WMS platform SynQ

Swiss firm Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions is launching its latest warehouse management software platform SynQ.

Swisslong, which specialises in data- and robotics-based solutions, introduced its new cloud-enabled software SynQ this week for managing various processes and automation equipment.

The company describes the software as being able to adapt to new technologies in order to “future-proof” processes during the advent of Industry 4.0 with three main components to the platform – Collaboration Platform, Operational Services and Intelligence Services.

The software’s business intelligence tools and real-time analytics also provide forecasting to clients.

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“To get the most out of automation and robotics we are increasingly reliant on data andinterconnectivity,” said Tim Eick, VP of software and controls development at Swisslog. “It’s what is driving Industry 4.0 forward and allows users to deliver on promises to customers in the smartest way possible.”

Swisslog is making migration tools available to older legacy customers that wish to upgrade to SynQ, added Eick.

“The capabilities of SynQ directly correspond with the direction Swisslog is headed as digitization and Industry 4.0 advances,” commented Dr. Christian Baur, CEO of Swisslog’s warehouse and distribution solutions division.

SynQ will service clients in four main industries – e-commerce and retail, automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

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