TECSYS launches new ProCheck and RFID Kanban features

Supply chain management software company TECSYS announced new updates and extensions to its ProCheck and RFID Kanban systems.

ProCheck, a supply chain management system, includes features for managing a distribution business’s operations as well as warehouse operations.

Most organisations are only using 50% of their systems capabilities, according to TECSYS, which affects their return on investment.

“With ProCheck, executives have a quick SWOT assessment of their supply chain performance, gain the knowledge and tools to maximize the returns on their investments and understand how to mitigate their supply chain challenges immediately and over the long haul,” said Robert Colosino, vice president of marketing for TECSYS.

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The company has also announced a new version of its RFID Kanban inventory management system for broader distribution operations - previously the system was available only to the healthcare provider market. 

TECSYS claims that the system provides a better overview of where everything is in the supply chain.

“These industries are facing significant challenges of volatile and unpredictable demand, lack of inventory visibility and costly supply chain processes. Our RFID Kanban System addresses these challenges head-on, freeing workers from the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes,” said Colosino.

The announcements were made at this week’s ProMat trade show in Chicago.

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