Warehouse Tech Writers Awards 2018 open for nominations

We're excited to announce that nominations for the 2018 Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards are now open!

Nominate yourself - or anyone else you feel deserves the accolade - using the form below. Before you do though, be sure to check out our awards FAQs, which cover submission criteria, categories, and the judging process.

Remember, nominations close on 25th February. We won't be taking any submissions after that, so mark it boldly on your calendars.

For inspiration, and to scout out potential competition, why not take a look at last year's winners?

What are the categories for the Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards?

There is a huge number of talented, knowledgeable and creative writers working in the warehouse and supply chain blogospheres, and we feel that this should be acknowledged more.

To do this, we have created the Warehouse Tech Writers Awards. Run annually, these will recognize the industry's top writing talent, with gold, silver, and bronze awards available in each of the following four categories:

  • Best vendor blog
  • Best independent blog
  • Best writer
  • Best article

The 'Independent Blog' category is designed for any blog that is not operated by a warehouse tech vendor. Consultants, analysts, resellers and independent enthusiasts should all submit their blog to this category. 


Covering the key issues faced by businesses selecting and implementing WMS.


How do I enter the Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards?

You can nominate yourself - or anyone else you think deserves an award - using the nominations form above.

To be in with a chance of winning, you'll need to submit writing samples to support your nomination. We recommend the following:

  • Best writer: three examples of your writing, all from within the last year
  • Best article: applicants should submit the one article they consider their best of the past year - choose carefully!
  • Best vendor blog: just the URL of your blog - though you have the opportunity to show off your best articles on the form above
  • Best independent blog: same criteria as ‘best vendor blog’

What types of content should I submit to the awards?

Submissions should be:

  • Extended pieces of writing - ideally, 300 words or above. 
  • Vendor neutral. We're looking for though leadership and opinion pieces, not marketing material.

Examples of content we accept include blog posts, whitepapers, reports, news articles, and infographics with extended text explanation.

As per the above criteria, do not submit press releases, web copy, or vendor-based case studies. 

How are the winners of the Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards decided?

Our judging panel will judge entries across all categories writing style, originality and depth of insight. The categories for best independent blog and best vendor blog will also factor in frequency of updates and how content is presented.

The scoring system is simple. We split the decision four ways between our judges and a public vote. Each judge's choices constitute a quarter of the overall decision, with the final quarter coming from a public vote.

Judges awarded points to their top three shortlisted entries in each category, and more points were awarded for ranking in the public vote. The entries with the highest number of points in total were judged to be the winners.

Readers will be able to vote via this page the day after nominations close, on Monday 26th February

Who is judging this year's awards?

This year, the awards will be judged by:

  • Kevin Sides, Shipmonk CMO and winner of 2017's 'best writer' award
  • Geoff Whiting, B2B content strategist and regular Explore WMS columnist 
  • Kathryn Beeson, Explore WMS editor
  • You - discerning Explore WMS readers

Kathryn said “I come across dynamic and talented writers frequently over the course of my job, and have felt it was a shame that this talent often goes unrecognized. These awards, which focus on the creativity, knowledge and communication skills of supply chain and warehouse bloggers and journalists, aim to correct this.”

Geoffrey Whiting is an experienced journalist, writer, and business development consultant with a focus on enterprise technology, e-commerce, and supply chain development. 

He said “Supply chain and warehousing often get a bad rap for being ‘boring,’ but there is a lot of amazing talent out there who brings the industry to life.

"We think it’s about time these writers get recognized for telling a story that engages while also helping businesses optimize their time, workforce, and investments.”

What is the timeline for the Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards 2018?

Key dates for your diary include:

  • 25th February: nominations close,
  • 26th February: public voting opens
  • 4th March: voting closes
  • 7th March: winners announced


Warehouse Tech Writers' Awards: winners 2017

Best vendor blog

Best independent blog

Best writer

Best article

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