TECSYS announces healthcare SCM partnership with Ryder System

Supply chain management company TECSYS has announced a strategic partnership with Fortune 500 company Ryder System, Inc to address the challenges faced by end-to-end supply chains in the health systems market.

The two companies will collaborate by combining TECSYS’s software with Ryder System’s breadth of supply chain management solutions, including fleet management, warehousing and supply chain optimization.

TECSYS already provides specialized solutions to help healthcare providers manage their supply chains, and hopes that the partnership with Ryder will augment their ability to improve the efficiency of healthcare supply chains.

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“Ryder brings a high level of expertise and extensive execution abilities in the overall supply chain management industry specifically in healthcare” said TECSYS CEO and founder Peter Brereton. “The combined offering will provide health systems with an unequivocal choice in addressing their cost cutting and quality of care challenges.”

The news comes at a time when the substantial US health systems market is making strides in technological modernization. There are currently an estimated 550 delivery networks in the sector, whose supply chain needs are particularly time-sensitive.

Norm Brouillette, VP and GM of Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, said “"We are committed to providing innovative technology and solutions to our customers, and our partnership with TECSYS is a great way of delivering on that promise.

“The healthcare industry is one with some of the most time-sensitive needs, which is why it's so important to work with a supply chain management software company like TECSYS that can ensure patients' needs are always met."

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